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An integral fan pulls the air through a water saturated evaporative pad for the production of “pre-humidified” air directed into the space. A humidified air stream from this evaporative process quickly migrates to fill the space until it reaches the relative humidity (RH) set point (Equilibrium according to Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure).


The HC-100 can be controlled by a wall mounted LCD display controller. It has a capacity of 110lbs./Hr. (0.22 gpm) and humidifies an area up to 150,000 cubic feet. The HC-100 maintains 45% RH @ 72oF and up to 1.5 air exchanges per hour (maximum 3,750 cfm exhaust or makeup air).


The HC-100’s small footprint and light weight allows for versatile installation. It can be located on the floor, hung from the ceiling.  

HydroStream HC-100, Downflow (Humidifies up to 150,000 Cubic Feet)

SKU: HC-100
  • The HC-100 is available in downflow configuration, with a 12” sheet metal transition followed by the choice of diffuser (4-way or 1-way). 

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