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Humidity Control Products offers a variety of commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers for demanding and harsh environments and where the expectation is to operate efficiently for extended periods of time, with minimal maintenance. These commercial grade units provide powerful and efficient dehumidification/humidification for the harsh, damp or dry environments. Our units are often used in basements, crawlspaces, offices, or computer rooms.


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Dehumidifiers improve air quality by reducing extra moisture in the air. High Humidity levels (above 50% humidity) in your space creates unhealthy air quality leading to mold, mildew and other allergens that are detrimental to your health. The key to creating a healthy and comfortable environment is to maintain a low relative humidity level (below 50%) with a dehumidifier that is appropriately sized to your space and your surrounding environmental conditions. An appropriately-sized dehumidifier will create better air quality, prevent the spread of mold colonies and eliminate odors associated with damp spaces. A dry space prevents the infestation of dust mites as well as structural damage due to termites. We provide a room size capacity for each dehumidifier that we offer. Other considerations, such as environmental conditions surrounding your space, including lakes, hills and wetlands, or some combination of these will also have an additional impact as to which dehumidifier you will want to consider. We carry dehumidifiers that are appropriate for finished and unfinished basements, crawlspaces, slab foundation homes and commercial applications.


Humidifiers are invaluable solutions for helping to relieve the adverse effects of dry wintry air, alleviate common cold symptoms and certain respiratory illnesses, and boost your overall comfort. Just as a dehumidifier reduces the amount of moisture in excessively humid air, a humidifier works in the opposite way by adding moisture to excessively dry air. Using a humidifier regularly helps you create a healthier and more comfortable space during the cold months or year-round.


When shopping for a humidifier, it's helpful to understand how they work, how to choose from the range of types, and what to expect in terms of operation and maintenance. To get information on these topics and more, we have devised this list of our most frequently asked questions about humidifiers.